RAILWAY MODEL 2019-02-09

1:87 scale wood bench.

Normally, in modelling, the authentic realism is in the small details. The care during the choosing of the right accessories becomes vital when we want to make a detailed and realistic piece.

Exactly for that reason, today we want to show you a 1.87 scale wood bench, an own-elaboration simple accesorie which you can find on oir catalog, under the reference ETM 1001, designed to detail a small corner in any model.

Now we are going to explain you the assembling process and the final result.

This product is made from photoengraving brass and it is introduced in a 4 pieces "pack". Each bench is made with two legs and a main piece with the wood slats.

Once you have split the pieces from the matrix, we can start giving some bending to the main piece. The "legs" can help us as a guide.

Once we have the shape, we are going to weld the wood slats to the legs. We should put some attention on the joining points on each leg, in order to make them stay joined without leaving spaces. As an alternative, for the ones who don't want to weld, we can also join it with cyanoacrylate.

Introduction of an already assembled bench.

It's very important to file all the tin leftovers to get a smooth surface.

Benches are clean (in our case with an ultrasound cleaning machine), and ready to get the priming.

Image of the benches with a hand of black prime, which will be our paint for the legs. The wood slats are painted with a brush, in the colour that you prefer. In our case, we are going to paint them ina brown-red tone, very usual on these benches.

Bench done.

Probably you have seen this bench many times on the spanish streets, squares and parks, right?

©Images and text by: PABLO SEGUNDO.

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