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Scale Vehicles

The diecast hobby is a part of scale modeling that is based on collecting and customizing scale vehicles of all kinds. It is a very widespread hobby, in which Spain is one of the main markets.

In the world of scale vehicles, reproductions usually have a high quality of detail, and are frequently made of metal. This models are sold completely finished, ready to be displayed in a showcase.

However, many fans like to improve or customize their models of cars, trucks or motorcycles, making them unique pieces.

It is also frequent to create small scenes to expose the vehicles in a more realistic environment.

Scale cars

Within the different themes, the one with the most followers is the collection of scale cars. In the European market there are two predominant scales, the 1:18 scale and the 1:43 scale.

At El Taller del Modelista we are specialists in 1:18 scale metal cars, from renowned brands such as Norev or Solido.

Scale military vehicles

Scale military vehicles is another of the themes with the greatest number of fans, the 1:72 scale being the most important.

In this chaos we can find military vehicles of all kinds, from World War II tanks to modern helicopters or combat planes.

In this case, in addition to the metal parts, plastic replicas are also abundant, with a truly spectacular level of detail.

Scale trucks

The third major branch of diecast aficionados is scale truck collecting. These are amazingly realistic reproductions, among which the 1:50 scale stands out.