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Railway Modelling

Railway modelling, or model railroading, is a hobby based on the collection of scale railway models, as well as all the accessories and techniques used for building a railroad layout, where the train pass through.

All hobbyists sharing this hobby are known as "railway modellers" or "model railroaders".

Depending on each country, some scales and gauges more widespread than others. In general, the most common scales are 0 (corresponding to 1/43.5), H0 (which corresponds to a 1/87 reduction) and the N scale (corresponding to a 1/160 reduction).

We could say that railway modeling encloses everything related to train scale models, from the collectible aspect of the hobby to the landscape modelling.

Model railway layouts

Nowadays, railway layouts can be of many types. The simplest option is the classic fixed tabletop, but if the available space is not too big, it can also be hung from the ceiling, under the bed, occupy a closet door or on a perimeter shelf.

The option of modular railway layouts have become increasingly popular, both because of their greater mobility and versatility and because they can be taken to different model railway exhibitions.

Model railway manufacturers

In the current market we can find a wide variety of brands that manufacture material for railway modelling.

Regarding scale model locomotives and wagons, we find brands such as Electrotren, Mabar, Sudexpress, MF Train, ArnoldRoco or Fleischmann.

There are also specialized brands in the manufacture of model railway scenery, used to create dioramas and railway layouts. Some of them are Woodland Scenics, Aneste, Peco, Faller, Noch and Busch.

Model railway shop

In El Taller del Modelista we are a specialized shop in railway modelling. Our extensive catalog of models and accessories of all kinds and scales makes us the best choice for railway modellers.