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Stage and Landscape

The world of modeling is vast and encompasses a wide variety of different hobbies. However, there are some products that are used in almost every branch of the hobby.

In order to recreate a diorama, set the scene for a model, or decorate wargame bases, it is necessary to reproduce real scenarios in miniature, and this is what is presented in this section of El Taller del Modelista.

There are numerous brands that offers materials to reproduce scale trees and miniature plants, create relief, or simulate water.

Creating landscapes for models

When setting the scene for a model, whether it's military, railway or any other theme, it is essential to know the most suitable materials to accurately reproduce each type of landscape.

One of the most characteristic aspects of any natural environment is vegetation. There are all kinds of products to reproduce vegetation from natural environments: forests, deserts, rivers or coastal areas. Nothing is impossible for a good modeler if they have the right materials.

Scenery for dioramas and gaming tables

If you're building a small diorama or vignette to set the scene for a model of military or civilian vehicles, we have an extensive catalog of products to recreate all kinds of scenes.

Or maybe you're a fan of wargames and need to create a spectacular gaming table.

Either way, at El Taller del Modelista you will find a wide variety of scenery and landscape products.

Decoration of bases

Decorating bases is another task that frequently requires scenery products, such as grass tufts, small plants, gravel or putty.

Take a look at our catalog, you're sure to find new ideas to improve your bases.