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Wargames and Miniatures

Miniature wargames are strategy games set in different themes and based on the use of scale figures to recreate different contenders in a battle between two or more players.

These types of war games are widespread and there is a wide range of options. From historical backgrounds that reproduce real conflicts, to those based on futuristic or fantasy themes.

Each wargame has its own rules. They are usually played in turns and different types of dice are used to stablish damage, protection and other parameters.

They are very fun games with which they have a good time with friends, in clubs and associations, or even in competitive tournaments in which many fans gather.

Wargaming as a hobby

One of the main reasons why miniatures games attract so many fans is that they perfectly combine several and very attractive facets.

First of all the miniatures must be assembled and painted, so it is an excellent hobby for modeling fans. It is also necessary to create scenery for the game table, with which the modeling facet is completely covered, and ensures many hours of entertainment.

Secondly, it is a hobby that allows you to collect miniatures, and that is something that many people like. Collecting is a great way to enjoy your miniatures, expanding and improving your armies little by little... who doesn't like to see their collection of minis grow?

And finally, wargames offer countless hours of gameplay with friends. In addition, for the most competitive, there are many individual and team tournaments with which they can enjoy this hobby to the fullest.

What are the best miniatures wargames?

This is a difficult question to answer, as many subjective factors are involved. If we consider numerical values, such as which game has the most fans, Warhammer 40,000 certainly takes the top spot.

Other wargames that are making a name for themselves in recent years are Bolt Action, Flames of War, Star Wars Legion, Saga and Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

However, the variety is so great that it is difficult to choose a single game. In fact, it is very common for there to be players who collect and play miniatures from different wargames.