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Aoshima Models

We are adding in our catalogue a new model brand, so we take this opportunity to introduce you this manufacturer and show you some inteteresting data about them.

Aoshima is a japanesse brand born in Shizouka in 1924. His creator, Jiro Aoshima, created it as an Airplane Research Institute, and a few years later, in 1929, they started manufacturing their first wooden models, using their knowledge about airplane operations.

It is in 1961 when the Brand settles down with the name Aoshima Bunka Kyozai Inc., and they start developing their first plastic models. They have been growing since then, becoming one of the leader brands in plastic models in Japan.

Between their products we can find airplanes, cars, motorbikes or even scenary and fantasy characters from the japanesse culture. Even though, they are known worldwide because of their excellent car models, mainly from japanesse producers.

Now you cand find in our catalgue several Aoshima car plastic models, in scale 1:24, and military japanesse aircrafts in scale 1:72, but as the range of options is that huge in this brand, and they offer an excellent value for money, we will be including new products in order to improve the car and airplane repertory available in our web page.

Some of the products you can find are the two different versions of Nissan GT-R R35 with LB Works Aero-kits, one of them in black color and the otehr one in White color ( versions 1.5 and 2).

Also from Nissan, we have the 4x4 Nissan Terrano, in its 1991 version, and the classic Nissan Skyline R34 from 2002.

Another 4x4 available is the Mitsubishi Pajero, also from 1991.

From Toyota we can find the GT86 model with GReddy Rocket Bunny aero-kit, in black color, and the Toyota Celsior UCF 31 (known in Europe as Lexus LS), with AimGain kit and a performance look (20 inches wheels and low springs).

 We can also find in the catalogue some very special cars for the 80s and 90s films and TV series lovers: we are talking about KITT, from the TV serie “Knight Rider”, it is a Pontiac Trans AM in black color which, as the most of you already know, was driven by Knight (David Hasselhoff). This is a model from the fourth seasson in the serie.

We also have three different versions of the famous Delorean DMC-12 which took DOC and Marty McFly to 1955 in the film “Back to the Future”. In this case, we have available the models corresponding with the first, second and third parts from the saga, with their respective details.

To end up with the new products from Aoshima, you can find two military japanesse aircafts: the Kawasaki KI-61-I Tei, better known as “Tony Army Fighter”, famous for being the only one mass produced with V engine liquid refrigerated, also, the Tei versión counts with two 12,7 mm machine guns Ho-103 on the wings; and the Kawanishi N1K1-Jb, better known as “Shiden Type 11”, considered the best japanesse fighter land based, thanks to its great maneuverability and its heavy armament, something unusual for the japanesse fighters.

In this link you can check all the Aoshima products on our catalogue:


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