NEWS 2019-09-18

Railway newsletter. September'19

 It is mid September and we have many new things to tell you.

Today we start with N scale. We already have available the new MFTrain set of Sgnssplatforms with coal. Last units available!

In H0 scale, first of all we bring you very interesting offers from the electric locomotives 2500 from the CP.

Even more spectacular is the new price in offer fro the Euromed and its additional coaches, from Electrotren. The offer will be available until end of stock.
As news, we show you the new hopper wagons and the ORE box cars from Electrotren.

To end up, we inform you that it is going to be available again the CP composition book coming soon, whose first edition has sold out in a few days.

All this and many more already available in our web page. You can see all the information in the following link: NEWSLETTER

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