NEWS 2018-06-17

New web: Changes and improves.

From El Taller del Modelista we always have known that our web page is our main showcase which we have in a more and more global world.

That is the reason why today is a very special day for us. After a long time and a lot of efforts, we have the great pleassure to introduce you to our new version of the webpage. It is a full reprogrammation which, keeping the same aesthetic character than the web before, it comes with a huge amount of improves, many of them based on the comments and suggestions given from you. We still have we have some things to polish, and we ask you for some days to make it work on 100%.

Now we detail you some of the most importnt improves:

  • Two shops, one cart:

    This slogan explains one of the most visible changes. The old section "games and puzzles" has become a new shop with its own name: "Quedejuguetes". Both shops products can be added to the same cart, with the same customer account.

  • Reservation system:

    Without any doubt, the biggest goal which we are fronting in this new phase. Many of you asked via email or phone to reservate some products which, in that moment, where not available. Now it is not needed any more, because we have developed a new system which allows the customer to manage his own reservations. In the beginning it will be in a trial phase and we will have just some brands. As soon as we can, we will publish an specific post about this.

  • The Modellers Blog

    With the new webpage, a new blog borns pretending to b a reference in the national modelling world. In "The Modellers Blog" you can find posts with different topics, made by our team and first level contributors. This is, definetly, a way to share and enjoy the modelling world with all of you. 

  • Customers opinions

    A new opinion register system will be available to make a straight rate of your satisfaction level with our job. After every purchase, you can rate the service, and your opinions will help other customers. 

  • New product sheet

    We want to make your shopping time even more satisfying, and this is why we have improved a brand new product sheet, which brings a bigger and more detailed information from our different products. In addition to the classic desription, we have created a technical sheet, a public FAQ section and a customers opinios section. It will take us some time to refresh all the sheets from the catalogue, but the novelties will be done with this new system.

  • Wish List

    Now you have available the classic "wishlist", where you can manage interesting products and future purchases. 

  • Fidelity points

    You, the customers from "El Taller del Modelista", are the most important thing for us, and your fidelity deserves a prize. This is the reason why, on every new purchase, you will get points which you can change for discounts in the next purchases.

  • Return within 30 days

    That easy! From now we will duplicate the time for return of the products. If you didn't buy the right gift, the product wasn't what you where expecting, or just because you want, you have 30 days to send it back to us and get your money back. Don't forget to check our return policy. 

There are many changes, but we don't want to bother you, in fact, much better, you can explore our website to discover them!

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