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Evolution Airbrush from Harder & Steenbeck

Even though it is the basic model in its range (just ahead of the "Ultra"), the truth is that this airbrush is really versatile, medium range and with an excellent relation quality/price.

Althought the variety of versions offered in the line "Evolution" has been clearly increased (good prove of its succes), we are going to point the classic Evolution. A double-action airbrush, with gravity feed and made of nickel plated steel. Its 80 grames weight and a soft trigger system without jams make the use of this airbrush really easy. A careful design and good assemble become it a beautiful tool.

The Evolution is shown in a rigid case whit its characteristic yellow color and it is sold in tho formats, the named Evolution Solo, and the Evolution Two in One. The only difference between both is than the Solo is equiped with a 0.2 mm  nozzle and a 2 ml deposit, and the Two in One includes an extra nozzle and 0,4 mm needle, and a 2 and 5 ml deposits. The Evolution X, sold also in Solo and Two in One versions, is the same model but with a paint feeding system through suction. This case also includes a quick connector and a small book with use recommendations.

As other Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes, the Evolution joints are made of teflon (PTFE), being specially resistent to the chemist thinners from some kind of paints. All the joints are accesible to allow their cleaning and substitution.

Other of the strenghts from this model is the ease of disassembly, which helps to the cleaning works. For this, the floating nozzle and the possibility to disassemble the paint deposit are huge advantages. The full disassembly and assembly takes just a few minutes.

As it can't be otherwise in top-level brands, the possibility of getting all kinds of spare parts and accesories is simple, although its prices are usually high. The needle and the nozzle are the most delicate parts, specially the last one, which has tendency to suffer fissures on the extreme sides (be careful pressing the needle onto it). As extra accessories, you can buy different steps nozzle sets: 0,15; 0,4 and 0,6 mm, and the 0,2 mm, considered the standard in this range.

As a negative part, it hasn't got a regulator to block the needle, very usefull to get a uniform and constant paint application (it is available in the Evolution Silverline). Sometimes you can also miss a lid for the deposit (it is sold as an accesory) and a bigger deposit.

The air entrance is made from the down part through a 1/8 inch thread, as in the most part of airbrushes. The working pressure recommended by the manufacturer is 1,5 to 3 bars. Pressures over 4 bars are not recommendable on this airbrush.

In general, an excelent airbrush for modellers who want to get started or improve the benefits from a basic airbrush and also recommended for experimented modellers who don't want to make a big expenditure but they look for a solvent tool.

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